Highest quality, continuous development & research, and rapid service are always the highest priority for Ting Fong and all its employees. Ting Fong was established in 1980 by Mr. Hsien Pei Wang. Wang started business by manufacturing armatures and stators for supplies or repair for several well-known brands around the world.

In 1983, Ting Fong became the first manufacturer in Taiwan of high-speed motors, AC & DC carbon motors for professional usage of specific specification. In 1991, Ting Fong established itself as a power-tool manufacturer. The very first power tool from Ting Fong -DISC GRINDER-came on the stage.
1983 1991

Since 1995, Ting Fong has begun to produce drilling and cutting machines for the construction industry. A high performance range of professional, lightweight, portable DIAMOND CORE DRILLS were released in 1995. Ting Fong goes on to bring off a full range of powerful, lightweight, efficient WALL CUTTERS in 1998.
1995 1998

Ting Fong continues to develop an innovative range of environment-friendly, noise-proof, efficient GROOVE CUTTERS in 1999. Ting Fong has successfully developed a brand-new range of MAGNETIC DRILLS for cutting steels in 2001.
1999 2001